Keynote Programs

Patrick Schwerdtfeger specializes in Global Mega Trends and spoke about that topic at the 2012 eGovernment Conference in Dubai. He was asked to come back and speak about “Big Data and the Future of IT” in early 2013. That program evolved into the new Monetizing BIG Data program described below.


Data: everybody has more of it today than they did ten years ago, or even ten months ago. But what should you do with it? How can you make money with it? The first step is to reveal the wants and needs hidden inside the data, but the more important step is to convert those wants and needs into profitable services through algorithms. Algorithms will drive future profits but success requires creativity, something that doesn’t always come naturally to engineers. Patrick’s keynote program reviews a series of case histories and success stories where companies have made the leap from data accumulation to increased profits, inspiring creative ideas and offering tactical guidance for engineers and executives alike.

Program Take-Aways

  • Understand the trends that have led to the Big Data opportunity.
  • Discover why algorithms are essential to monetize Big Data.
  • Hear case histories where Big Data has revolutionized businesses.



Business and geopolitical mega trends are converging and overlapping, bringing implications in every aspect of life and business, and Patrick is well known for his ability to break down complex subjects into accessible and understandable language. And with his dynamic and engaging speaking style, Patrick‚Äôs mega trends (including “Big Data”) keynote is perfect as a high-level strategic and inspirational closing session for your upcoming event. The five (5) primary mega trends include changing demographic profiles, an increasingly empowered public, accelerating technological advancements, increasing self-employment and globalization.

Program Take-Aways

  • Understand that global mega trends are reshaping our world.
  • Discover emerging opportunities driven by global mega trends.
  • See how other businesses have capitalized on these mega trends.